City of Buffalo Bond Schedule
Revised/Effective January 2012
Parking Ordinances
13-15(a) Where Designated No Parking by Police 50
13-15(b) On Sidewalk   50
13-15(c) On Parkway Without Proper Permit 50
13-15(d) In Front of Garage/Driveway Entrance (Street or Alley)   50
13-15(e) Boat or Trailer Not Parked in Front of Owner's Property 50
13-15(f) Within 15 Feet if Fire Hydrant   50
13-15(g) On Crosswalk/Within an Intersection 50
13-15(h) Within 20 Feet of Intersection/Crosswalk   25
13-15(i) Within 30 Feet of Traffic Signal 25
13-15(j) Removing or Altering Mark or Indicator Placed by Law Enforcement 100
13-15(k) Within 20 Feet of Fire Station Entrance 50
13-15(l) Along Existing Obstruction As to Impede Traffic   50
13-15(m) Alongside Parked Vehicle (Double Parking) 50
13-15(n) In Any Underpass   50
13-15(o) In Violation of Any Regulatory Sign 50
13-15(p) Alongside Any Yellow Painted Curbline   25
13-15(q) Not Parallel to Roadway, Agaist Traffic, or More than 18 Inches from Curb 50
13-15(r)  In a Manner that Allows Less than 10 Feet of Roadway    50
13-15(s) In a Manner that Allows Less than 15 Feet of Alley 25
13-15(t) On Roadway for Sale, Maintenance, Washing or Non-Emergency Repairs 50
13-15(u) Upon Private Property Without Owner's Permission 50
13-15(v) In a Reserved Space Without Permit   50
13-15(w) In a Handicapped Parking Space Without Valid Permit, Tag or License Plate 50
13-15.4 Hampering Street Cleaning and Snow Removal   50
13-15.3 Manner of Parking; Diagonal, Parallel, etc. 25
13-16.1 Expired or Improper License Plates or Registration for Parking 60
13-16.2(B) Street Parking and Street Storage (No Parking over 72 Hours) 50
13-16.2(C) Street Parking and Street Storage (No Parking over 72 Hours) Motorhome/Trailer 75
13-17 Restricted Parking of Petroleum or Explosive Trucks, Etc. 120
13-17.1(B) Parking of Large Trucks and Semi-Trailers   75
13-23 2 Hour Parking Zone First Violation 25/35/45
Alcohol Ordinances
3-5 Hours of Operation  MA
3-6(a) Minor in Liquor Establishment   500 MA
3-6(b) Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor MA
3-6(c) Minor in Possession of Alcohol   MA
3-6(d) Minor Attempting to Purchase Alcohol 400 MA
3-12(C)(1) Open Container of Alcohol in Public Place   75
3-12(C)(1) Open Container of Alcohol in Vehicle (Please Note Location in Vehicle) MA
3-12(B) Standards For Sale of Alcoholic Beverages (Also Notify City Clerk) MA
Trash and Burning Ordinances
10-1.1 Unauthorized Dumping in Residential/Commercial Container 50 (MA if excessive)
10-1.10 No Open Burning Allowed   100
Traffic Ordinances
13-1 Adoption of State Law - Generally See Adopted
13-4 Failure to Obey Lawful Command of Police Officer   70
13-5 Speed Limit Circuit Bond
13-5(a) Speed too Fast for Conditions   70
13-6(2) Skateboard, Roller-skates, Sleds or Coasters on City Street 35
13-6(3) Skateboard, Sled, Roller-skates or Coaster in Posted No Access Area 50
13-7 Driving on Play Streets 70
13-9 Failure to Travel in or Maintain Traffic Lane   70
13-10(d) Operating with Expired or Improper Registration 120
13-10(a)(3) Improper Display of Registration/Registration Obscured or Mutilated (Driving) 70
13-10(b) Mulitating/Altering License Plates (The Act Itself) 220
13-10.1 No Compulsory Insurance   420
13-12 U-Turn in Unsafe Manner or Where No U-Turn is Posted 70
13-13 Unsafely Entering Intersection or Crosswalk   70
13-14 Tamper with, Deface, Mark or Injure Vehicle; Throwing Stones at Vehicles 100 MA
13-14.1 Careless Driving   220
13-14.2 Wrong Way on One Way Street 70
13-14.3 Illegal Operation of Golf Cart   70
Motorcycle Ordinances
13-37(a) Motorcycle Carrying More Passengers than Intended 70
13-37(b) Failure to Ride Motorcycle While Astride Seat and Facing Forward 70
13-37(c) Carrying Package, Unable to Maintain Both Hands on Handlebars 70
13-37(d) Carrying Person in Manner Which Interferes with Safe Operation 70
13-37(e) Vehicle Depriving Motorcycle of Use of Full Lane 70
13-37(f) Motorcycle Passing In Same Lane   70
13-37(g) Operation of Motorcycles Between Lanes of Traffic 70
13-37(i) Motorcycles More Than 2 Abreast   70
13-37(j) Motorcycle Attaching to Other Moving Vehicles While Operating 70
13-37(k) Footrests Required for Passengers Not in Sidecar   70
13-37(l) Handlebars Higher than 15" Above Seat 70
13-37(m) Minor on Motorcycle Without Helmet   120
13-37(n) Headlamps Required at All Times for Motorcycles 70
13-41 Snow Machine on City Streets, Alleys or Sidewalks   70
Water Ordinances
27-27 Water Restriction Violation (Within Same Season) 25/50/100
Nuisance Ordinances
15-2 Failure to Obey Notice to Abate Nuisance 200/Day
Bicycle Ordinances
13-33 Riding Bicycle on Sidewalks 35
13-34 Riding Bicycle More than Two Abreast   35
13-35 Speed Limit and Reckless Driving for Bicycles (MA if Minor) 35
Criminal Ordinances
16-1 Assault 100
16-2 Assault and Battery   400 MA
16-3 Bill Posting  25/75/MA
16-4 Breach of Peace   150 MA
16-4.1  Disorderly Conduct - Please Include Subsection on Citation 250 MA
16-4.2 Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police Officers   250 MA
16-5 Failure to Keep Lot Free From Brush and Bush Start With Letter From Chief
16-6 Curfew - Under 18   100 MA
16-6.1 Parents or Persons who Knowingly Permit Breach of Law by Minor 300 MA
16-6.2 Interference with Custody   300 MA
16-7 Loitering 200
16-8.1 Criminal Trespass   200
16-9 Disorderly House 200
16-10 Disturbance of Assembly   MA
16-11 Disturbance of Religious Worship MA
16-12 Fireworks in City Limits   75
16-12 Discharge Firearm in City Limits   MA
16-12A Hunting in City Limits 250
16-13 Sale of Fireworks   110
16-15 Foul Premises 120
16-15.1 Premises to be Kept Clean and Orderly   120
16-16 Gambling Prohibited Refer to City Attorney
16-17 Permitting Premise to be Used for Gambling Refer to City Attorney
16-19 House of Ill Fame, Bawdy House Refer to City Attorney
16-20 Indecent, Lewd Conduct   150
  Indecent Exposure   300 MA
16-21 Injuring or Destroying City Property 500 MA
16-22 Removal of Shade or Fruit Trees   MA
16-23  Public Intoxication (MA if 2nd Offense, or With Other Charge) 125
16-25 Malicious Destruction   500 MA
16-26.1 Noise Prohibited 110
16-26.2 Use of Engine Compression Brakes Prohibited   110
16-27 Peeping Persons MA
16-28 Pickpockets and Thieves, etc.   300 MA
16-28.1 Shoplifting 300 MA
16-28.2 Petit Larceny   300 MA
16-29 Pollution of Grounds or Streams 300 MA
16-31 Resisting Arrest   500 MA
16-32 Soliciting for Prostitution or Fornication MA
16-33 Throwing Missiles (Minors MA)   100
16-34 Unlawful Assembly MA
16-36 Carrying Weapons   300
16-36A Weapons in a School Facility MA
16-37 Failure to Keep Lot Free From Noxious Weeds   Refer to City Building Inspector
16-38 Assaulting Dog Used in Law Enforcement MA
16-39(B) Furnishing Tobacco to a Minor   MA
16-39(C) Sale of Tobacco to a Minor MA
16-39(F) Minor Attempting to Purchase Tobacco   MA
16-39(G) Minor in Possession of Tobacco (Community Service) MA
2nd Offense Within 24 Months (50 hrs CS + Tobacco Program) MA
Criminal Ordinances - Continued
16-40 Contact with Wildlife in City Limits 110
16-41 Smoking in City Facility   50
16-42 Social Hosting of Party with Minor Present 500 MA
16-43-1 Intoxicating Chemical Compounds (Spice, THC, etc.)   400 MA
16-44 Huffing (Intentional Misuse of Substances) 400 MA
16-45(A) Paraphernalia for Smoking Controlled Substances   175 MA
16-45(B) Paraphernalia for Injecting Controlled Substances 175 MA
Animal Ordinances
4-1 Hogs in City Limits   100
4-1.1 Roosters in the City   100
4-2 Disposition of Dead Animals   100
4-3 Cruelty to Animals   MA
        (a) Standard of Care   150
        (b) Willful Injury   500
        (c) Poison   500
        (d) Abandonment   250
4-4 Horses, Mules, Asses, Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Goats or Poultry at Large 40/75/110 MA
4-9 Obstructing Police, Breaking Into Pound, Etc.   MA
4-11 Registration, Licensing and Vaccination of Dogs   40
4-12 Dog Tags and Collar Required   40
4-13 Dog at Large   40/75/110 MA
4-13.1 Cats at Large   40/75/110 MA
4-14 Vicious Dog or Female Dog in Heat, or Intact Male Dog at Large 500 MA
4-17.2 Barking or Howling Dog and Noisy Animals   50/85/120 MA
4-17.3  Destructive or Dangerous Dogs (Circuit Court if needs put down) 210 MA
4-17.7 Removal of Animal Feces    
        (a) Owner's Property   120
        (b) Public Pile   15
7-17.8 Owning Wild Animals (Misnumbered In Ordinance - Try Not To Use) 100
4-18 Certain Kennels, Etc. - Declared a Nuisance   MA
Solicitation for Sales Ordinances
25-4(a) Solicitor Knocking Where No Solicitors, or similar, Posted 175
25-4(b) Solicitor Failing to Leave Premises when Asked (Cite for 16-8.1 Also) 175
25-4(c) Soliciting Prior to 0900 Hours or After 1900 Hours 175
25-4(d) Solicitor Failing to Identify as Such at Initial Contact   175
25-4(e) Soliciting Using False, Misleading or Deceptive Means 175
25-7(a) Soliciting for Sales Without a License   175
Solicitation for Religious or Charitable Donations Ordinances
25-17 Soliciting for Charitable Contribution Without a License 100
25-29(a) Soliciting for Charitable Contribution Via Misrepresentation 100
25-29(b) Soliciting for Charitable Contribution Except between 0900-1900 100
25-29(c) Soliciting for Charitable Contribution Where No Solicitors is Posted 100
25-29(d) Solicitor (Religious/Charitable) Failing to Leave Premises when Asked 100
City Streets and Sidewalks
20-10 Snow Removal From Sidewalk (Within Same Season) 25/50/100
20-10.1 Depositing Snow on City Street (Within Same Season) 50/75/100
Bonds written in A/B/C format are for 1st Offense/2nd Offense/3rd Offense
Bonds written as "Bond $ MA" should be marked Must Appear on the citation,
 but also have the bond amount listed on the citation